Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day and Marathon Monday

Happy Earth Day! I just heard Tom Brokaw talk about the history of Earth Day. Turns out, I celebrated the very first one...and I do remember it. I was in 9th grade. Our whole school spent the day cleaning up the campus. We worked in small groups within our classes. Part of the fun of the day was a challenge for each group to come up with a rhyme/chant about their class. At the end of the day, a vote was taken on the best rhyme for each class. That made the work fun, and kept us working together. Guess whose chant won for my class? Yup! To this day, I remember the chant my group came up with: "We're tremendous, stupendous, yes sirree! Nineteen hundred and [ends with three...]"

This year, I'm celebrating the day by getting a new bathtub and shower. Hopefully this will help conserve water (and also improve the cosmetic value of my condo). Meanwhile, yesterday was one of those great days that happens only in New England. At least I like to think so. It was bright, beautiful, clear, and perfect conditions for running the 112th Boston Marathon (the world's oldest marathon) as well as playing (or watching) baseball (Red Sox vs. Rangers at 11 a.m.).

I was home working (cleaning) while watching the Marathon and the Sox game, but other years, I've been part of the thousands who start the day at Fenway Park and who end up out on the Marathon sidelines cheering the runners on. If you're lucky, the way I have been several times, the Sox play a quick game and you get out in time to see the leaders cross the finish line.

One year, I went from the Sox to the Marathon to the Bruins play-off game, all within a 7 hour shot. Now, that was a marathon!!!

Photos: A flag along the Marathon route; the Olympic Torch was part of the stsarting ceremonies; some of the 25,000 runners at Heartbreak Hill; Big Papi gets ready to connect with a pitch


Beth said...

Hola! We are in Villa Alhue which is near San Pedro--can you e-mail me at beth.maddaus@gmail.com with info on your group and maybe we can pay a visit.

Shawn Brace said...

Unfortunately, the way the Marathon is set up now, it is not possible for the Red Sox fans leaving Fenway to see the lead runners. The Marathon used to start at 12. Now they funnel the runners out, with the elite women starting at 9:35, the elite men at 10 and the rest of the pack at 10:30. So the lead runners usually finish around 12 - about half-way through a quick Red Sox game.

Perhaps the Red Sox will have to start their game at 9 AM now if they want the fans to catch the leaders!!!

Rondi said...

Beth--I sent the info. Thanks for your interest.

Shawn--it was disappointing to me yesterday when I discovered that the marathon started much earlier than before. Also, with just channel 4 covering it (instead of all three stations), it didn't seem as exciting as in the past. Too bad.

Inland Empire Girl said...

Thanks for the reminder about Earth Day! We are delaying our activities here because of our state testing. We started this morning with our middle school students.

Ruth said...

The Earth Day concept has really grown, but I still think too many people do not care.

mon@rch said...

It is great seeing the word about Earth Day being spread by many people! Happy Earth Day