Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Stockings were Hung...with Care

I drove north through a light rain this afternoon, but happily arrived at my parents' on dry pavement. Fortunately, it was warm enough so the roads were not slippery. so it was a trouble free drive. There wasn't even any traffic, unlike yesterday. I love my parents' house at Christmas time. They use lights and greenery beautifully throughout their house, so everywhere you look is a feast for the eyes.

Our family has several traditions that have developed over the years, especially since my sisters got married and then had children. Christmas Eve, they go to their in-laws and I go to my parents. The three of us usually have soup and homemade bread for supper, then we listen to music, open presents, and watch Christmas programs.

In the morning, we have a light breakfast and then wait for everyone to arrive in the early afternoon. We open presents, have watercress soup and homemade rolls and breads, play games, listen to music. We all spend the night, sleep late, have brunch and open stockings on Christmas Day.

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Patty said...

sounds wonderful to me....we hang stockings too and this year Melanie and Casi along with Mei-Ling came over in the morning in their P.J's and we all opened our stockings together