Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Lonely (or vain) Turkey

This afternoon as I was about to go out the door from school, I saw what I thought, at first, was a big lump on the ground beside a car in the parking lot.  On closer examination, I realized that it was a turkey...huddled beside the car, looking at his reflection!  

While I watched, he pecked at himself, or gave himself a kiss???  Normally, we see a flock of turkeys, so maybe his was lonely and trying to make friends with the reflected turkey.  

He was so distracted with the mirror-turkey that I was able to get quite close before he got up and strolled away.


Beth said...

oh how funny. I wonder what the distorted mirror image looked like to him--I can't imagine that he thought it was another turkey--he may have just been taken with himself. vanity, thy name is turkey.

Shelby said...

She is beautiful. Odd how she is just hanging out. I've seen wild turkeys a couple times in my life - somehow I'm in awe each time.

cheers :)