Monday, May 25, 2009

Moose at the Mall

Two of my colleagues were at a local mall about a mile from my house on Friday.  They were in the parking lot when a strange looking animal went running by them.  Imagine their shock when they realized it was a moose!  They've never seen one in the wild, and, I dare say neither had others.  the poor thing was a long, long way from home, wasn't she?!

This is the proof...I borrowed it from my friend's Facebook page =)


Shelby said...

that's hilarious :)

Beth said...

oh that poor moose! I saw a picture one time of a moose walking through the drivethru at a McDonalds in Presque Isle, Maine--but that makes more sense than a moose trotting through a shopping mall in Southern New England. I hope it found its way home.

Anonymous said...

That is a pretty one. The ones we saw up north last week did not look that good. We see about one a year here by the house.