Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer "Snow"

Every year at about this time, some kind of plant sends its fluff flying through the air for days. It is so thick, sometimes, that it looks like we are in the middle of a Nor'easter. It piles up in corners and under trees. It gets caught in the grass and bushes. I'm not sure what it is. It's not milkweed, and I don't see enough dandelions around to pile up this much (although this picture will somewhat belie that statement). Maybe it's from cattails, but I don't see them either. In fact, I have not seen anything it could come from. Yet there is the evidence that somewhere nearby, there's a plant that likes to "snow." Any ideas anyone?


Sunny said...

I don't know, but we have a similar thing out here that seems to be coming from some trees. Looks like snow falling down.

Ruth said...

Western Salsify is a common wildflower here that has a large dandelion like head. I don't know if they are in your area too.

Morning's Minion said...

Any cottonwoods in the area? They shed white fluff by the ton.