Saturday, October 23, 2010

God Speaks

This song has been on my mind since sometime yesterday morning. It was written by Mel Rees and was on an LP Record that we used to listen to Friday nights and Sabbaths when I was young. The lyrics are most comforting...

God speaks in the stillness of the night
God speaks in the days so warm and bright.
the flaming sunset paints the sky
And sets the clouds ablaze
God speaks in all these wondrous ways.

God speaks in the mountains and the plans
He speaks in the scent of autumn rains,
In mighty rivers rushing in their haste to reach the sea,
God speaks to you and me.

How can we feel alone with Him so near?
Lift up your heart, He'll see and hear.
When things go wrong and no one seems to care,
Just look around, He's everywhere.

God speaks in the whiteness of the snow,
He speaks and the flowers begin to grow,
His voice is hear in chapel bells
And in the peaceful doves,
God speaks in every heart that loves.


Anonymous said...

hi do you have a music sheet for the song GOd Speaks? I like to play that song in my guitar. thanks. my email is pls email me.

Anonymous said...

hi, will you also please send me a copy of God Speaks?

this is one my favorite songs... thank you so much

my email is:

Anonymous said...

My piano teacher was Jean Bond who wrote the music. I learned this song when i was about 10 years old and like everything else learned as a child I remember it well.

Rondi said...

That's awesome about your piano teacher. This is a wonderful song.

For those who have asked for copies of the music, I don't have it, unfortunately. We just have a recording on a record. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

My voice teacher sang "God Speaks" many years ago and I want to sing it at my church at the end of the month, Could you please send me the music. This is a beautiful song. My e-mail address is Thank you so much, Cathie

Kezia Lumasag said...

Hi, can I have a music sheet of this song God speaks. It is one of my favorite song. my email is thanks and God bless.

Sweetkww1 said...

Hi! We sang God Speaks in church in the 70's. Want to bring back for our homecoming in Ictober....our pianist has misplaced the sheet you have a copy? I would gladly pay for copies, postage, etc!
Kathy Wilson