Saturday, November 05, 2011

An Autumn Evening

Here's a lovely autumn poem by a favorite childhood author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, mostly known for her "Anne of Green Gables" series.  I have read her books countless times, even know parts of them by heart.  I recently discovered her poetry.  Anne would be pleased.  (The pictures are autumn in Phoenix, from my back patio this week.)

Dark Hills against a hollow crocus sky
Scarfed with its crimson pennons, and below
The dome of sunset long, hushed valleys lie
Cradling the twilight, where the lone winds blow
And wake among the harps of leafless trees
Fantastic runes and mournful melodies.

The chilly purple air is threaded through
With silver from the rising moon afar,
And from a gulf of clear, unfathomed blue
In the southwest glimmers a great gold star
Above the darkening druid glens of fir
Where beckoning boughs and elfin voices stir.

And so I wander through the shadows still,
And look and listen with a rapt delight,
Pausing again and yet again at will
To drink the elusive beauty of the night,
Until my soul is filled, as some deep cup,
That with divine enchantment is brimmed up.


Morning's Minion said...

My late mother [a teacher] loved the "Anne" books and introduced me to them early on. Many years passed before my husband and I spent a week in PEI with visits to the places mentioned in LMM's books.
I may have asked this before: Have you read the volumes of LMM's journals? [edited by Mary Rubio and Elizabeth Waterston] I had the first two volumes on interlibrary loan from UVM and only 10 days to get through them--an experience that was draining and uplifting by turns.
Also "Writing A Life" by the same author collaboration, and "The Wheel of Things" by Mollie Gillen.
At one time I bought the entire Anne series as well as LMM's other books which were reissued in paperback. I think I'm now missing a few, but haven't plumbed the depths of the books moved across the country last year.
Both LMM's fiction and the biographies are worthy of re-reading--by the fire with cats and tea this winter!

Rondi said...

No, I've not done this extended reading. And shame on me, for I just love that kind of thing. I will definitely hunt them down and devour them! That's what I did with Louisa May Alcott a summer ago. I just read everything about her I could get my hands on. I've done that with Isak Dinesen and a few others who got under my skin. Thanks for the encouragement!

Alas! No fire needed here in Phoenix, although it was 50 outside this morning and cool inside as well. The cozy couch, cats, and tea will have to do!

Sunny said...

Lovely sunsets around there!