Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Good of Experience

"What is the good of experience if you do not reflect?"  ~ Frederick II

 Reflect on your key experiences of the past year or so.  What stands out?  What have you learned?  What more do you have to learn to become the person you want to be?  Kind of loaded questions I think.  Important to consider, though.

[Those were the writing prompts from Thursday.  I didn't have time to write much then, but have finished the thoughts I started with my classes from that day.]

So . . . what are some of the key experiences I've had this past year or so?  What stands out for me?  Professionally, I think I've had opportunities to stretch myself.  Two years ago, I was "just" teaching, not really wanting to do anything else for awhile.  I had come off five years of being principal, of doing something that I was passionate about, but didn't really want to be doing (paradox?).  I needed space.  I needed to learn to breathe again.  So I left Boston and moved to Phoenix, left administration to go back to only teaching.  The next year, I got back into a bit of administration--mostly in an advisory capacity--just enough to make it interesting, not enough to overwhelm me.

This year, though, I have a lot more to do in that department.  It's almost as if I have one foot in each camp--classroom and administration building.  It's been challenging...and draining.  Part of me want to go back to "just" teaching again.  It's certainly easier and far less stressful.  But clearly that is not possible for me.  I cannot seem to steer clear.  I have finally given up the fight and have accepted that I will never again be able to "just" teach.  It seems that God has something else in store for me . . .  Looking back, I find that I do not regret letting go of my plans and following where God leads.  Looking back, I see clearly what I could not always see in the moment.  Looking back--reflecting--I see the good of very experience and I see that, in God's hands, all things work together for good.  That is the good of experience.  And reflection.

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