Friday, July 13, 2007

Boothbay Harbor Trip

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week my parents and I enjoyed a visit to Boothbay Harbor, about 2 hours northeast of their home. Every single minute of the trip was a delight. The drive itself is beautiful, even on the highway, but especially after getting off and meandering through the beautiful coastal towns to Boothbay.

This is a place they knew well, having explored it many times in their 55 years of marriage, so a trip like this was also an inside look at their relationship, too. I did this last year as well, spending a few days with them in places they have enjoyed on their own. I consider it a privilege to get such a glimpse.

Anyway, we had reservations at Topside, the Inn on the Hill, a charming Bed & Breakfast with a lovely view of the town and harbor as well as some beautiful perennial flower gardens. We took our time getting there, got settled, then drove out to a secluded cove where we enjoyed our lunch. Later, we wandered through the town, walking a couple of miles all told.

Wednesday morning, after a fantastic breakfast (with the best granola I've ever eaten), we went to the Botanical Gardens that had just opened last month. We took a 90-minute tour of the grounds focusing on the river area. The guide was knowledgeable, interesting, funny. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was very foggy, and damp early on as well, but that only added to the beauty of the place, making the woods and river mystical and magical in a way.

We took our time coming back home, appreciating another beautiful day in Maine.

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Sunny said...

Ah, Boothbay Harbor. We quite enjoyed it last summer. You know we hit Maine at probably the only muggy moment of the entire summer but Boothbay Harbor was cool and comfy.