Friday, July 06, 2007


There is no such thing as
All is ordered, all is planned.
All must be accounted for.
All has it's place.


Do not confine me to your
Do not expect me to conform.
I must be free.
but by my own sensibilities.
Open to all -- but most especially

When I was in France three summers ago to take a Creativity Workshop, one of the projects they had us do was to create a Book of Days. We were free to organize it however we wanted to, it just had to have both writing and drawing. I chose to create illuminated pages for my book, each 2-page spread having a free verse poem that connected somehow to words that started with the first letter of that day of the week. The other page was an illustration (of sorts) of the poem. These are the first two pages. Unfortunately, I used a glue that did not work well with my paper, so there are spots where I glued some flowers down on the previous page =( The drawing is of the huge fountain at the Rotunde at one end of the Cours Mirabeau in Aix-en-Provence, our home base for the 10 days of the class.

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Sunny said...

Oh Rondi, how creative! I am so glad you went on that trip. What a great experience!