Thursday, February 07, 2008

Rain Drops, Hornets' Nests, and a Country Store.

Yesterday, on my way home from my committee meeting, I stopped by The Salt Box, a favorite country story in the town we lived in for 27 years. As always, I had a great time browsing through the items. I could go back there every day for a week and never see everything they have there. It's that kind of store.

I bought a painting to match the one my sister got me for Christmas, which pleased me no end. Going out the door, I happened to look up into a big tree near the parking lot. There, I saw not one, but two hornets' nests! I was so surprised at seeing two such works of art in the same tree!

Later, at my favorite Barnes and Noble, I noticed how the rain drops sparkled like diamonds on the bushes outside. I couldn't get the lighting in the camera to show what I was actually seeing, so the picture is disappointing, but it was a glorious sight for me =)


sunny said...

Even if you can't get the photo to reflect it, the act of taking the picture helps intensify the gloriousness of the sight. I'm sure it was fabulous. I can "see" it by your words.

Inland Empire Girl said...

What a great way to end your day. I love country stores and we don't have as many "out west".

Britt-Arnhild said...

You really have a talent of living your life fully.