Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Baby, Baby!

We now have three baby robins in the nest precariously perched on a support beam of our fire escape. One of our long-time teachers told me this is the first time in her years here that eggs have hatched from this spot, despite the numerous times robins have attempted it. We are very excited to have this up close and personal opportunity to watch these babies grow.

Mid-morning, I was giving a test in my classroom when I looked out the window and saw two Canadian geese and four goslings waddling down the driveway from the road! About thirty kids were outside playing at the time, and I was worried they'd take after the geese and chase them back into the street the way the 6th grade boys did the last time the turkeys made an appearance. Luckily, the kids were 3, 4, and 5 year olds and were quite obedient and just watched as the geese made their way across the parking lot and onto the playground and, finally, into the woods.

We think we are lucky to have so much nature around us, even though we are only about 7 miles out of Boston. We have wetlands and woods on three sides of us, so there are many birds and animals that come and go from time to time. It's a real treat for our students, who are mostly from the city.

Photos: Mother robin sitting on her nest this morning; the geese and goslings making their way to the woods; the driveway the geese came down (the bright spot behind the tree).


Heidi said...

Pesky ol' geese! I remember having bunches of them wandering over our yard...the pond nearby was a good drawer of geese. We'd have to patrol the yard after the geese visited--otherwise our white fluffy dog would go outside, roll around, and come back green and stinky!!

La Tea Dah said...

I'm really enjoying your posts --- and just wanted to stop by and tell you so. The baby robins and fuzzy little geese are so precious! And the flowering trees surrounding you are magnificent!

I had opportunity today to enjoy nature close by. A group of white pelicans flew overhead --- and minutes later I discovered a white pelican pair quietly paddling in the wildlife refuge slough. They were huge and so serenely beautiful! I stopped to appreciate them for several moments before moving on to something else.


Rondi said...

Thanks, Heidi and La Tea Dah!

The geese were just passing through, so didn't have to worry about the mess. I've not seen them since.

That's cool about the pelicans!

Ruth said...

What a great school yard for the children. I loved watching our baby robins last spring, but I cannot find their nest this year.

mon@rch said...

Congrats on your baby birds and it is wonderful being able to watch the robins in a nice spot like that!