Monday, May 12, 2008

The Eggs Hatched!

I was so pleased this morning to hear from a couple of students that two of the three robin eggs had hatched over the weekend, or maybe even early today. I was concerned that they might not hatch because every time I checked last week, the mother was not on the nest. I was worried she wasn't spending enough time on it, or had even abandoned it.

Not to worry. Two tiny babies could be seen through the fire escape slats. The mother did a bit of house cleaning and shoved the shells out of the nest, one of them hitting a student on the head!

We have a sign on the door by the nest to leave the birds in peace, but there are a lot of curious students wanting to see the babies. Oh, and one curious blogger principal =)


sunny said...

What fun! keep us 'posted'.

Heidi said...

This is called "natural" education! Very cool.

chey said...

That's a very exciting find! Great shots!

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