Friday, November 16, 2007

Technical Difficulties

I've been having technical difficulties for the past month at least. It started with my laptop crashing on a fairly regular basis, to the point where I had to final admit I needed a new one. There were a few hoops to jump through to get the new one ordered and then the two-week wait for it to be assembled and shipped.

In the mean time, a friend loaned me his brand new HP laptop that was fully loaded with most of the programs I use regularly, but not all. This limited me in what I could do, never mind that most of the people I work with don't have the latest versions of Word or Publisher, or other things I use to communicate with them. Still, I appreciated the generosity of this friend to let me use his new toy before he even got to do much with it. Limited or not, it was far better than not having anything at all, which is where I'd have been without it.

When the new laptop finally arrived on Wednesday I was all excited. Imagine my shock and dismay when I discovered that there was no software loaded or along with the computer rendering it useless to me for anything except e-mail. I am still waiting for that to arrive.

Then there's the fact that my several-times-dropped digital camera quit in the middle of an event at the end of October which forced me to buy a new one (which I got at a bargain, but hurt all the same). Add all this up, and you have a rather expensive reason for the lack of recent posts here. I hope to be back on track by next week.
All this adds up my not being able to do much with the blog, what with having no programs to work with, or no camera, or no way to edit, etc. I expect to be back to normal sometime next week. I can't wait until I have everything all together in one place, working (I hope) at optimum speed and quality.

Meanwhile, here are some interesting (to me) pictures that have been collecting in the new camera until I could download them today. The first picture is of the ivy that grows on the gymnasium wall at school. I think it looks pretty cool in it's fall colors. Next is a collection of basketballs in our gym waiting for the kids to finish their warmups so they can do drills. Again, it just looked cool to me. Then, there are my two funny housemates, May (the calico) and Teddy (the fluffball). The final two pictures are of birds lined up on the top of two stores that I visited on Sunday last. I just thought it was interesting how they all gathered up there in a row like that. It's too far away to see what they are, but I just liked the idea of all those birds lined up, looking down on all the shoppers =)


mon@rch said...

glad you were able to barrow someones laptop! I have been very happy with my new Dell laptop that I got! But took me many months to save up and suffered those months between the bad screen died on me and getting my new one! I wish you luck!

Heidi said...

How frustrating! What's with computers coming now with nothing installed? Is it a price-saving practice? I've heard of that happening to a lot of people.

Inland Empire Girl said...

GRrrr! What a time you have had. Doesn't it always go like this though. With me it is kitchen stuff... had to get a new stove last week.