Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Pilot

Tuesday morning, our chaplain gave the staff an assignment. He read the familiar Shepherd's psalm to us (Psalm 23) and asked us to write it in language and imagery that speaks to us more personally. He gave us about 10 minutes in which to do it before we shared what we had written. Here is my contribution to the morning's creativity:

The Lord is my pilot; I will never be lost with Him at the wheel.
He takes me to the greatest heights; He lands me safely at all my destinations.

He puts my mind at ease; He protects me from evil doers. Even when there is turbulence, I am calm because He is with me.
That comforts me beyond words.
When I am hungry, He feeds me. When I am hurt or sick, He heals me.
Blessings abound under His watch and care
and I am grateful to be on this journey with Him.
All this makes me a loyal follower and supporter.

I will fly with Him anywhere throughout eternity.

The paintings here were done by Nathan Green, one of my students my very first year of teaching. I knew then that he had a special talent, but none of us had any idea how he would go on to become one of the nation's most popular nature and inspirational artists. You can read about him and see more of his paintings here and here.


Patty said...

Love what you wrote. Such a good thought provoking assignment.
The art work is gorgeous, such talent !

Heidi said...

Great adaptation of Psalm 23. You did this in 10 minutes? I'm impressed! Beyond that, though, I needed to read it. As you've probably seen through my blog, life is beyond hectic right now. Thanks for the reminder that God's the pilot.

Inland Empire Girl said...

Beautiful words. What an inspirational idea also for the staff.