Monday, October 13, 2008

7 Things meme

I saw this meme on Inland Empire Girl's "Gathering Around the Table" blog. Feel free to do this yourself. If you do, let me know so I can enjoy your list.

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:

· Write a book

· Go back to Africa, Kenya this time

· Fly an airplane (a small one)

· Go to Australia and India

· Take a cruise to Alaska

· Play in an orchestra again

· Design my own clothes

7 Things I Do Now

· Edit a 6-page newsletter each week and write an editorial for it

· Keep a blog

· Talk and write (e-mail) daily with my parents

· Sit on too many committees and boards

· Hold a school and staff together with a lot of prayer and teamwork

· Talk daily with my sisters (one in person, one on the phone each morning on the way to work)

· Enjoy each day and each opportunity to make a difference

7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex

· Spirituality

· Musicality

· Sense of humor

· Intellect

· Eyes

· Leadership

· Respectfulness

7 Things That I Say Most Often

· Well, alright.

· How are you doing?

· Any prayer requests? Let’s pray…

· My challenge to you today is . . .

· Your homework for [tomorrow] is . . .

· Get out your journals . . .

· What brings you here [to the office]?

7 Celebrities That I Admire

· Meryl Streep

· Robert Redford

· Jane Seymour

· Jon Bon Jovi—philanthropist as opposed to rock star =)

· Kyra Sedgwick

· Meredith Viera

· Tim Russert

7 Favorite Foods

· Haystacks

· Pasta (macaroni and cheese, spaghetti)

· Mexican bean, cheese, and rice burritos

· Falafal wraps

· Baked potatoes, baked squash, baked beans

· Breaded chickettes (veggie chicken)

· Vegeburgers (with tomoatoes, pickles, cheese and mayo)


Heidi said...

Well, alright. Pull out your journals. Your homework for tomorrow is [insert assignment here]. :-D

Wow. Memories!

sunny said...

Oh Rondi, how fun. I'd do it too except I think I already did it with 4 things over on my 'other blog'. Yeah, I think you can do all those things. Sure, why not!

Inland Empire Girl said...

I love your lists and we do have much in common even though I didn't say all the same things on my list. I loved Tim Russett, say many of the same things you say, and I really want to take a cruise to Alaska!