Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Rose from Christopher

Tonight was Christopher's graduation from 8th grade. He is his class treasurer and graduated with highest honors, earning himself a $600 scholarship from SLA. I am so proud of him!!! As I was sitting in Machlan Auditorium watching him, I thought back to the 9 months I spent as his nanny when he was 4-13 months old (and Kaitie was 3). He was such a happy baby! I loved rocking him to sleep, singing to him until he fell asleep. He was so cute! Now, he's a smart, funny, athletic young man going into high school... Time has flown by!

He gave roses to all the ladies in his family. When I got home, I put mine in a vase and tried to find a place that the cats would not attack it...Teddy climbed onto the table to smell and then bite at the baby's breath. I finally had to put it up in a book case! Those cats get into everything!!!

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Sunny said...

He looks to be a fine lad. Nice family you have. To be proud of.