Monday, July 10, 2006

Colorado Springs

I'm writing tonight from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I'm here for a Fred Jones "Tools for Teachers" 3-day intensive workshop. This is what I was supposed to attend three weeks ago in Santa Cruz, CA but couldn't because of airline complications... I don't know if I'd have been happier at the beach than I am in the mountains, but one thing is certain: I wouldn't have had much time to enjoy the it. We have very full days (8-4) and there's not much time afterwards to do anything but collapse.

Still, I managed to cram a couple of hours of sightseeing in this afternoon...mostly to the United States Air Force Academy. I couldn't go into much because I had all of 1/2 hour by the time I got across the valley to the Academy. But I got lucky at the Chapel and got in even though it was supposed to be closed already. I also spent 15 minutes in the Visitors' Center...enough time to watch a video about the Academy, which was actually interesting.

I arrived yesterday in rain after a long trek from Boston to Houston to Colorado Springs. My companion from Boston to Houston was a real Texan, with the big cowboy hat, the cowboy boots, the jeans, and the western-style shirt. He was quite nice...and talkative. I enjoyed our conversation, talking mostly about small town politics and schools and school boards. His name was Luke. He seemed like a real gentleman. When we got off in Houston, he told me where to go to find my connection and then went off to his family. I rushed over to my new terminal only to find that my plane was delayed for an hour...then two. Sigh. When we got on the plan at long last, we sat on the runway for nearly another hour! By the time we finally took off, I counted more than 50 plans waiting in line behind us. Don't know what was wrong.

My hotel is high on a hill with the mountains rising behind it. Last night when I was talking with my mom, I was looking out th window of my 9th floor room and I suddenly realized that I was seeing three coyotes just running around in the scrub below me! There are large magpies flying and hopping around as well. It's very different terrain from what I'm used to...


Patty said...

Well girl, you just get to travel all around don't you !?!
Any trips to Texas planned : )

Rondi said...

I'm pretty lucky when it comes to travel. Good thing I enjoy it so much!