Monday, July 24, 2006

Where I am From

I attended a Writer's Retreat last weekend at a Bed and Breakfast in Rockport. This is the first thing we wrote as a sort of introduction to ourselves:

I am from wisdom
and Godliness--pioneer
stock and patience.
Scattered wide across the
plains; travelled far across
the sea.

I am from peace-making,
peace-loving, pieced-together
moments of sheer joy
Intertwined with intensity and
purpose and God-centeredness.

I am an educator's heiress--
Twenty-nine years between occupancy,
Destined--perhaps--to follow
in footsteps I can only
occasionally fill.

I am the result of a healer's gentle touch
and example as well. Destined--at times--
to need that touch even as I give it.

I am from music--composer
and composed--making merry
measure, singing soulful songs.

I am from travelers--grandparents
who left home for this
better land; parents who
took me back just last year.

I am from leaders. I have walked
in their shadow and those of others
for years.

Fifty one years in the making
I am from strength and vulnerability
rom longevity and commitment
and from love.


Sunny said...

Rondi, that's good writing and right on the money. Forget not that you are also from healers and healing. On both sides I must say.

Sunny said...

Loved the line "longevity and from love". And, I'd toss a little commitment in there too. May we all give at least that much to each of ours. PS How was the conference?

Rondi said...

The conference was great! I'll write about it as I get time. Being gone from work for nearly 2 weeks means I have a lot to catch on on. That's a good point about healers. I'll have to revise!

Patty said...

Rondi, I really liked that. It said who you are and why you are who you are.
A good way to write about a legacy.