Sunday, December 31, 2006

Another Light goes out

December 30, Donald Murray, Boston Globe columnist of the "Now and Then" column about life in retirement and dealing with the consequences of aging, passed away while visiting a friend. He was 82. Long a writing professor at the University of New Hampshire, Murray was the recipient of a Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing, the youngest journalist to do so. A writer extraordinaire, he challenged his students to do and be their best at writing and living.

I took two classes at UNH from Don Murray the summer of 1986. They—and he—forever changed the way I write, and teach writing. He started writing the Globe's column with my class, and we learned by working through his first columns with him. He's the one who challenged us to look at "what worked" and "what needs work" which is an empowering way for you and others to look objectively at your writing. I read his columns faithfully every Tuesday...and shared what turned out to be his last one with my mother. I will miss him.

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