Friday, December 22, 2006

Twas the Night before the Night before the Night before Christmas

We began our Christmas rounds tonight with a visit to my youngest sister's for supper. She had an easy and delicious meal of Mexican lasagna, drink and dessert--just the right thing at the end of a long and busy week for her and her family. Everyone was there, and we had a delightful, mellow time together.

The children gave my mother, my other sister, and me beautiful plants. Mine is a lovely amaryllis, one of my favorite seasonal plants. The other wonderful gift Martha gave us all was an hour+ video made out of scanned slides and prints of our family history up until about 20 years ago. She and our mother have spent dozens of hours on this project, putting it to music and all. It was a wonderful treat down memory lane. I saw two of my fellow bloggers in several of the slides from the early 70s!!!

Now, it's home to rest up for the marathon tomorrow. Everyone will be coming here after church for lunch. Later, we will go over to Lauren's for dessert and the evening (in a much larger and more comfortable place for the near-dozen of us).

My tree is up, but alas the lights don't work and I haven't had time to fix or change them. Maybe the boys can figure that out tomorrow. Meanwhile, it still looks pretty festive...

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Heidi said...

Have fun celebrating with everyone! Merry Christmas!