Monday, December 11, 2006

Sunrise, Sunset

My youngest sister always calls me in the morning on her way to work. She lives farther away from her work than I do from mine, so usually I am not yet out the door when she calls, but we talk all the way to work and usually arrive at about the same time...some 50 miles away from each other. It's a nice way to start the day. My cell phone has a speaker phone, so it's safe enough for me to talk.

This morning, I was just getting into my car when she called, already on her way. Mid-sentence, she exclaimed over how beautiful the sunrise was. "I wish I had my camera with me," she said. Then she realized she has a camera in her phone, so she said she had to hang up to take a picture with the phone. Meanwhile, I was seeing my own fairly pretty sunrise, albeit through trees towards the highway behind my condo. So, I got my camera out and took this picture and sent it to my sister after I got to work.

Ironically, this afternoon when I was driving home, the sun was setting. My camera was in the backseat, though, so I tried to use my own cell phone camera. Didn't work out as well. Plus, I don't know how to get the pictures off the phone...I probably need another USB cord for it.


Mary Beth said...

Those North side suberbs have a lot of beautiful scenery. Nice sunsets, nice plants. Nice foliage in season. Show us a lot more.

Patty said...

Its wonderful that you chat with your sister every morning. I talk with my sister Jan every evening on IM and then on the phone too. Love the picture !