Friday, December 01, 2006

Music of the Season and other meanderings about music

One of my Digital TV subscription options was to get a section called Music Choice. There must be 45 different music stations available that play uninterrupted music 24/7. I especially love it on the weekend. There are two classical channels, a contemporary Christian channel, a gospel channel, two holiday music channels (seasonal music, actually), and then channels dedicated to specific decades and music styles, as well as ethnic and national music. There is something for every mood, every need.

The screen displays information about the composer, the artists, and the piece itself, changing throughout the duration of the piece. I quite enjoy it, as it exposes me to music I do not have in my own fairly extensive music library. I've even bought music that I heard here first. It was nice when David spent the weekend with me. He likes to go to sleep to music, and also likes a little night light. This provided both for him all night long.

Speaking of music of the season, I love Christmas music. I've already started listening to it, have all my CDs out...probably some 3 dozen, more counting all the instrumental ones I have at school. I recently bought Sarah Mclachlan's new Christmas CD. It's amazingly beautiful with songs not often heard, but haunting and lingering. It's getting fantastic reviews. Most say it's the best new Christmas album. Of what I've heard, I agree.

I also bought Chris Botti's "December" album. I am a recent fan of his music...lovely, sultry jazz trumpet... I bought the new Hall and Oates holiday CD as well. I like it...although it's not one to play on Sabbath as it has a number of secular holiday songs mixed with sacred oldies but goodies.

My early favorite Christmas albums were the two Carpenters Christmas albums and the Kenny Rogers album. I first had them on cassette tape, so that tells you how long ago that was. Cedar Lake (my first job) chums of mine will remember that we always put those tapes in the player after Thanksgiving and played them just about non-stop until Christmas home leave. As I recall, JoEllen made me a tape with Carpenters on one side and Kenny on the other. I still have that tape and smile with many fond memories whenever I see it. I have the CDs now, though...

Well, I think I'm going to turn off the TV music and go to bed with another of my favorite Christmas albums to sing me to sleep: John Rutter's Christmas Album. He actually has many Christmas collections. I have and love them all. Having sung several in church choirs, and actually performed in Carnegie Hall with him, I have a soft spot for his work. Still, even without the personal connection, I think I would favor him. His music is interesting, challenging, and beautiful. The melodies stay in your head for a long time afterwards. That's the sign of a good piece, in my mind, because it stays there with you...


Evansita said...

Hey! I can't wait to hear the exciting news!!! What is it?? Can you tell me early?
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Patty said...

I am right along with you loving christmas music. So many beautiful songs. I have them in Swedish, German, olde English and plain english.