Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bear With Me

I have a fairly significant collection of bears. It started years ago when a student of mine gave me a bear for some occasion or other. It was just a regular bear, but it started my interest in these cuddly creatures.

That first bear was a bare bear. But most of the bears I've purchased/received since are dressed in various fashions. Some came from specific places. Others from special people. Still others for particular events. All bring smiles to my face whenever I see them.

In picture #1, the bear on the right is from Rockport, MA. I got her last summer when I was there for a writing workshop. The other two came from local stores.

In picture #2, the "Tea" bear came from a dear friend who also collects bears (as well as Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls). She's also a librarian and is responsible for introducing me to a number of favorite books and authors. The right hand bear was a present for my 50th birthday. Sigh.

Photo #3 shows some of my Patriotic bears. The one one the left in the cowboy hat, oddly enough comes from airport in Dallas I believe.

Photo #4 shows the adorable "Raining Cats and Dogs" bear that I got at Pickety Place, a restaurant my sisters and I took our mother to for her 75th birthday. Next is my Good Luck bear holding a 4-leaf clover, and the bear I got in Jacksonville, FL when I was there one summer for curriculum committee.

Photo #5 shows another bear from my librarian friend, an adorable Barnes & Noble bear from my niece, a brave bear lady who survived Katrina (she has a tag to that effect) in a shop in New Orleans.

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