Sunday, April 22, 2007

Maine Attraction

I spent the weekend in Maine with my parents. It's one of my favorite escapes, and even though I'd just had a week off from school, it was still a relief and a blessing to spend a few days with them. Friday night was good for relaxation and conversation.

Yesterday, we stayed around the house (we were going to go to the ocean, but my dad wasn't feeling his best), reading, talking, soaking up the sun, watching the birds, enjoying the flowers.

My mom has an amazing green thumb. Some of her house plants are more than 30 years old! I love plants, but two things prohibit long life at my place: my cats, who like to knock things over and onto the ground, and my busy schedule which lends itself to neglect on my part. I've done pretty well at my office at school, though, keeping 4 African violets alive for almost two years now.

The gold finch were out in full force over the weekend. It was especially lovely yesterday, with temperatures reaching 80 for the first time since the fall. I sat outside for awhile just watching the fly around, eat from the feeders, and play tag with each other in the trees. The air was filled with their chatter and that of dozens of other birds. Mixed in with the birds was the melodious wind chime there in the back yard. It was magical!


Sunny said...

How's your dad feeling? Better I hope. Ah! 80 degrees. That's the Maine attraction form. It's COLD here.

La Tea Dah said...

What a relaxing and wonderful way to spend a week-end! Your mother is beautiful --- and her home (the sunroom?) looks so cozy! I can't imagine growing anything for 30 years --- a new goal, perhaps? I'm finally starting to master the art of getting my African violets to bloom. I'm not bad in the greenery department, but flowers? That takes the proper amount of care and neglect. :)

InlandEmpireGirl said...

Wow! What is her secret to keeping the African Violets so healthy? That is one thing I cannot grow!!

Rondi said...

Sunny--my Dad is doing better. He's been to a sleep clinic and is working on getting more rest and therefore having infinitely better days.

La tea dah--I think my mother gets more beautiful every time I see her!

Inland Empire Girl--I don't know the secret, but I've asked my mom. I'll let you know when she tells me. BTW, she's a Kellogg =)