Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Music to my Ears

One of my favorite things in the world is listening to good music. I’ve been doing it since I was born, thanks to my parents who also love good music and made certain that my sisters and I had ample opportunity to not only hear it but play it. All three of us took lessons on at least two instruments (I learned three), played in our school bands, sang in our school choirs, and played in orchestras into our adult lives. We have traveled the world thanks to memberships in music groups. Our lives have been enriched beyond our young imagining through music.

I was a junior in academy when my family moved to the Boston area. Over the years since that move, some 36 years ago now, I’ve been to Symphony Hall scores of times...with family, on dates, and with friends. It’s been a treat every time, but my favorite times have been when I brought my students with me. What a joy to introduce young people to world-class music played by world-class musicians in one of the world’s finest concert halls. Wednesday, I had that privilege yet again, along with five colleagues. We took grades 7-12 to hear a concert especially for students. We took the subway in, without incident, and had about 1/2 hour to wander the mall across the street near the Christian Science complex before going in for the concert.

Members of the orchestra had chosen pieces that had inspired them as young people to become musicians. As a result, it was a particularly kids-friendly concert. I had played all but one of the pieces in my own band/orchestra experiences, so it was an especially good listening experience for me. I was pleased, though, with the whole experience. Our kids were extremely well behaved. They were quiet during the concert, cooperative on our trip to and from school, and happy to have been introduced to the BSO (it was a first for most of them).

I actually play classical music in my classroom frequently while students are writing and taking tests, so they are used to hearing it in the background. Seeing it performed live was new and exciting, though. Quite a few went out of their way to thank me for taking them. That was music to my ears, too.


Patty said...

Good memories stirred by this post !
Also Please check my blog. I have tagged you for the Thinking Blogger Award!

Heidi said...

I have a smile on my face just thinking about all the wonderful memories of BSO concerts in high school. Besides Symphony Hall and the Wang Theatre, I've only been in two other concert halls (that I remember): symphony hall in San Francisco (as a child) and Benaroya Hall in Seattle (as an adult). Oh yeah, I went to a lot of concerts at BYU, but I'm trying to figure out where they were located. It must have been a performing arts center. Whatever the case, I love concerts!