Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmasy Nooks and Crannies

There are several reasons I love this time of year. Family gatherings are the single biggest reason, but there are others. Christmasy nooks and crannies are one of them. Last night we were at my middle sister's home for supper and gift-giving (they all came to my place afterwards for hot drinks and gifts) and tonight I am at my parents' in Maine. The pictures here show some of the touches of Christmas in their two homes.

My sister lives in a good-sized home as she entertains quite a bit--mostly church or school gatherings. She and her family are so generous, sharing the comfort and beauty of the home they have created. I like it best, of course, when it's just the family as it was last night. There's room enough for all 11 of us however we want to be...cozy in one room or scattered throughout the rooms. As an interior designer, she has an eye for color and beauty, but as a thrifty New Englander, she also has an eye for a bargain. Her home is elegant, but not extravagant.

My place, by contrast, is very small. There is only one room where we can all gather, with little room for anything else. Books take up most of the space in each room,k so when the whole family comes, it is a close, full room. That's why we eat at my sisters and just have drinks at my place! It's hard to stay out of each other's way...good thing we don't mind being cozy with each other.

My parents' home is spacious, too, with a cathedral ceiling in the living room. My dad is a musician, so there is always music filling the air. Right now, for example, beautiful Christmas music soars through each room, and candles are lit in each window, creating a feeling of warmth and completeness.

Tonight, it will be just the three of us, but tomorrow, the rest of the family will join us and we will laugh and talk and enjoy being together. I look forward to the time with everyone.
But for now, I'll quietly enjoy the nooks and crannies.


sunny Sunny said...

Give my love to your mom and dad. My early mentors.

Heidi said...

I am fascinated by family traditions and how those traditions evolve. It's a topic of conversation I've employed several times this season with refreshing ideas and family-specific traditions. We all celebrate in different ways but with the same purpose in mind.