Thursday, December 20, 2007

Knitting Obsession

My sister is teaching her Creative Arts students to knit. They are using a beautiful, soft homespun, that makes up so easily. It's been the most amazing thing to see them all over the school, boys and girls alike, knitting scarves!

Even in class, they knit, paying more attention than every before. They knit in the library, in the lobby, in the office, on the train, riding to and from school.

A few have begun a business, selling their handiwork for $15 to earn money for their mission trip this spring. For some, it's been a calming experience, very hypnotic.

I highly recommend it to teachers who have students have are having trouble settling down or using study halls constructively =)

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Heidi said...

How cool is that?! And who would have "thunk"? Though I remember in college how I'd see classmates--both male and female--working on creative projects in convocation, class, the student center and even the cafeteria.