Sunday, March 02, 2008

Lost in the snow

Well, almost. My parents have had so much snow at their place in southern Maine that their house has all but disappeared from certain angles. Their neighbor sent them a picture (left) and the following note today: "From our viewoint you have almost disappeared behind the snowbanks. Let us hope Spring is coming soon."

My mom sent her own pictures to me yesterday after yet another snow storm. The first is the neighbor's house from my parents', next is the front walkway completely buried, and the last is the back patio with the bird feeders quite a bit shorter than usual and the heated bird feeder to keep ice from forming.


Cedar Street Kid said...

Indeed the light never quits shining.When my grandson was about two years old I was at the park in Seattle with him.The day was about 99% cloudy.The sun was trying,mostly in vain to peak through.Tai saw the sun and said"it's a sunny day,Grandpa"he saw the light when I didn't

Rondi said...

Isn't that beautiful!

Heidi said...

WOW! That's a lot of snow! I haven't seen that much snow since...I'm not sure when!