Sunday, February 01, 2009

Not a Bowler

I'm not a bowler. Not of any kind. I don't bowl, although I'll go if that's what everyone else is doing. I'm just not that good at it (probably because I don't do it very often). I do remember a funny incident, though, when I was in high school and some of my classmates and I went bowling one Saturday night. One of the guys thought he was quite good and went into a fancy wind-up (I know, bowling is not pitching...just don't know what else to call what he did). He went into his release, but let go too late and swung himself onto the floor. We were unmerciful in our laughter =)

I have become a collector of bowls recently. I've found some beautiful bowls at Home Goods for next to nothing, literally, and since there's only one of me most of the time, been able to build a nice little collection for soups and salads.

The real bowling I meant to speak of tonight, though, was the Super Bowl. The truth is, I've watched many a Super Bowl, but have cared about very few of them. Football is not my favorite sport. I only learned it in the first place because I had a sophomore English class that was all boys my first year of teaching (in a boarding school in Michigan). I was desperate to find a way to reach them and discovered football worked. Every class period after a game, we'd talk about it first thing. That would buy me the rest of the class period for English! The weird thing was that every boy in the class liked a different team, none of them the Patriots!

All this to say that I'm doing lesson plans and editing my Alumni Newsletter tonight instead of watching the Super Bowl!


Heidi said...

I was at a training event, got back, napped, and started watching near the end of third quarter. I napped again, ate supper, and then watched the excitement of the last 5 or so minutes on the clock. Now, the end was exciting...and worth watching.

As for the ads--I watched the collection today on MSNBC's hierarchy ranking system.

Worked for me... :-)

Sunny said...

I like that top left bowl. Are they serving bowls, or single serve?

Rondi said...

They can be used either way, I think.

La Tea Dah said...

I love all your beautiful bowls -- and only watched the last five minutes of the Super Bowl. ;D