Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Blizzard of '78

Twenty-nine years ago today "the grand-daddy of them all" blizzard buried New England under more than two feet of snow. Thirty-three hours of straight snow. It was enough to paralyze the region for days. I was in college at the time. I remember when it started. It was beautiful. The air just filled with pretty snow flakes. I remember skipping across campus with my boyfriend, happy at the sight of a beautiful snow fall. Little did we know how that snow would develop. When it finally stopped and Main Street was plowed, the snow was so high on either side that houses could not be seen. I remember being able to step out of our second story window and fearlessly jumping into the snow not too far below us without fear of injury. Our dogs got lost in the snow, sinking out of sight as soon as they stepped outside. Snowmobiles were sent out to take doctors and nurses to hospitals because they couldn't get there by car. It was terrible, but in many ways very cool. And beautiful.

Today, barely a whisper of snow. We had some Friday night and a bit of it is still around because it's been too cold to melt. I'm missing it even more remembering the blizzard of '78.


Patty said...

Oh how well i remember that blizzard. My car was in the PT parking lot facing the pond. The engine was packed with snow and I wasn't able to get the car home for nearly a month. My dad worked 72 hours straight that blizzard and then had to shovel his way into the house. He had picked me up from the hospital so I was able to be home for most of it. Emery was stuck at the hospital doing snow removal the whole time. What memories ! But, everyone was so helpful and nice. It was something. Did you take pictures ? I did and am always amazed at the amount of snow.

Rondi said...

Yes, I have pictures. Someday I will scan them so I can post them. You're right about how nice everyone was. It really was something. I worked all over the hospital on all different shifts because people couldn't come in. I remember how eerie it was being there after midnight when it was all dim and all you could hear were sounds of people breathing. I miss snow!!!

Patty said...

Melissa, my oldest, said they haven't had much snow in vermont the last couple years, which is really hurting the ski business.
I miss snow and ice skating too.

Sunny said...

I missed that blizzard by mere hours. Headed out of town in the nick of time at the (future at that moment in time) husband's urging (He had been tracking the storm from Korea as it moved across the USA and didn't like the looks of it). Met up with Paula, who also missed the big blizzard, in CA and we went to Japan together. Spent time with Annie who was a missionary nurse there at the time. Paula stayed in Japan for a bit and I proceeded on to Korea where we got the knot tied as fast as legally possible. Thumbed my nose at the storm the whole time. Mellow and marvelous memories just in time for our 29th.