Friday, February 23, 2007

Spring in the midst of Winter

It is very clearly still winter here. My windows are rattling from the wind pounding against them as I write and there was snow to brush off my car this morning. And yet there are signs of spring on this side if not on the other side of the wall.

When I went to the local farm stand for tomatoes Wednesday, I was tickled to see piles of pussy willow on one table and bunches of daffodils still tightly budded on another. There were larger bouquets of small sunflowers as well.

Of course I bought some. I had to. And now they perch precariously on the coffee table in my living room, just waiting for one or the other of my curious cats to knock them off. Lately I've not been able to have flowers anywhere but high off the floor and away from anything they can jump on, that's how much they need to tip vases over.

For now, though, at least while I am near by to shoo them away, I have left the flowers at eye level to enjoy. So far so good.

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