Sunday, February 25, 2007

God is in the Details

I live in a busy neighborhood just behind a very busy highway. It is rare that I don't hear the sound of cars and trucks buzzing here and there on their way north or south. My school is in a quiet neighborhood that is near a busy city, and within earshot of two busy highways. To many, it wouldn't seem like an inspiring place to live. It's handy to where I work and what I need to do with my life, but on first glance, it wouldn't inspire sighs after its picturesque setting.

And yet every day there are natural reminders that this world does not just belong to mankind and its inventions. There is still a natural world out there, a natural beauty that puts in its bid for my attention. Whether it be a sunrise or a sunset, the stark, naked branches posed against a brilliant blue sky, or the male cardinal singing me into my car each morning, God is in the little details that lift my eyes, ears and thoughts upwards.

Photos: Sunrise over the playground last week; Sunset out my living room window several weeks ago; the view from my office window where a pair of cardinals have taken up residence.

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Sunny said...

Yeah I'm with you. The beauty can usually be found anywhere if you look for it.