Sunday, March 04, 2007

Colorful New England Houses

My niece brought a friend home to visit over Spring Break. I picked the two up from the airport on Friday afternoon. As we were driving through town to Julie's house, her friend exclaimed over how colorful the houses were. Julie and I burst into laughter at the realization that we had never noticed this fact. All the rest of the way home, we kept pointing out houses with color: pastel colors, reds, blues, all kinds of colors. It was quite the surprise to look at our NE architecture and color from a fresh perspective.

Today when I was driving south from my parents' in Maine where I had retreated for a day, I remembered what Julie's friend had said and noticed again how right she was. I grabbed my camera and took pictures in two towns, one in Maine and one in NH as I was driving along. What a beautiful place I live in!!!

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