Friday, March 02, 2007

Crazy Week

I've had a busy, crazy week. I thought I wouldn't, but I survived. It started with a big fund-raiser on Sunday night. It went well, but things like that are always exhausting. They played a couples game and had my parents in it. They got a standing ovation for being married so long =)

Monday, my sister left to meet her husband in Prague. My nephew and I took her to the airport and thus began my week of trying to be a mom and a principal. The two are hard to put together. Fortunately for me, David's easy to have around, so we did OK. But...we had our share of adventures, and misadventures, mostly dealing with food. We laugh about it now, at least.

Tuesday I had a long faculty meeting. Wednesday we had a long constituency meeting. Thursday, I was supposed to take David to his cello lesson, but we missed it because I couldn't get away from school in time. Julie was supposed to come home from college, but her flight got canceled so she didn't get in until today, which should have been fine except we had a flood in the building because of all the rain that melted the snow. Volunteers came with shovels and wet vacs and got us dried out and cleaned up. But it was a mess for a few hours.

We were an hour picking up Julie and her friend. We've had a nice evening together, though. It's so good to have her home! Tomorrow we will go to Maine. Martha's children will meet us up there. It's wonderful that the four grandchildren are so close to each other and their grandparents!

Meanwhile, David and Julie's other grandmother has been diagnosed with colon cancer and is having surgery on Monday, Julie's birthday. We are all very close, so this is difficult for us all. And we found out that the son of a colleague of mine was killed in Iraq this week. And a long-time member of our church also passed away during the week.

I said this was a crazy week. At the very least! But it's done now. The weekend is here and thankfully I don't have any responsibilities until Monday. I may well just stay overnight in Maine and get some TLC from my parents. I can't think of a better way to recover from a week like this...


Heidi said...

Where was the fundraiser held? It looks too nice for the gym!

Sunny said...

Thinking of and praying for PR here.