Monday, March 19, 2007

Night Skies

I was at my church each night this weekend for youth evan- gelistic meetings. The first night we were in the middle of a New England nor'easter. About 4 inches had fallen before I got to the church. By the time I left some three and 1/2 hours later, another 4 inches had fallen. The evening was quite beautiful in the midst of the snow fall (I already posted a picture I took when I got home).

Saturday night, it was no longer snowing, but the sky was strangely beautiful around the church. I loved how the steeple looked all lit up and how the evergreens across the street stood out against the sky.

Last night, I watched the sun set from the front steps of the church (it's setting towards where I live and often watch the sunset from my living room window. I should have taken more of this sunset as it got m ore beautiful by the second, but I was interrupted by one of the sound guys from the church, so missed out. Photos don't do it justice anyway.

Tomorrow is the first day of spring. A week ago, it would have looked and felt like it. Now, it looks like winter for the first time this entire season! That's the fun of New England. Never dull. Never predictable. Don't like the weather one day? Wait. It'll change in a day or so. I'm glad it's going to stay spring soon, though. I've had enough of cold.


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Your pictures made me homesick. Lots of happy times spent in that church. We spent our entire 7th grade there having class in the basement. Not so sure I miss the snow this time of year though