Saturday, May 19, 2007

Beauty and the Enchiladas

I went over to my sister's for lunch today. It was rainy, but not dreary. A bright kind of rain that brings all the colors out of the grass, trees, and flowers. I enjoyed the short drive from my house to hers through neighborhoods wet with the spring rain.

When I walked in the door, I found my niece putting the finishing touches on the lunch she had made for us: chicken (vegetarian) enchiladas and cilantro rice. Oh my! It was delicious. She's become quite the cook since she went away to college in August. She and her friends cook just about every weekend. These enchiladas were her own creation with beans, corn, cheese, and the "chicken." We enjoyed the treat, to be sure.


Sunny said...

Mmmmm! I'd like to join you for that lunch!

Tea said...

Delicious! And how do you make cilantro rice? Sounds good.

Patty said...

boy those look good. We love the cilatntro rice in the burritos at Chipolte. There is a new one going in Medford, on the fellsway. I get a veggie burrito that is wonderful and the ciltantro rice in it is heavenly.

Tea, There are restaurants in Portland and in Seattle