Thursday, May 10, 2007

Visit to JFK Library

To celebrate Teacher Appre- ciation Week, our super- intendent treated us to a visit to the JFK Library just south of Boston. There were some three dozen of us, I'd say (not everyone was able to go), and we spent a couple of hours browsing through the exhibits. At the end, we had a little ceremony honoring several teachers for their service. One of ours got her 25-year pin and another got her 35-year pin. She's retiring at the end of this year. I will miss her dearly.

But not yet! There is still a month to go. And today was all about enjoying each other outside the confines of the school building. The three of us drove down together, appreciating the pleasant spring day. The library is built on a point on the campus of UMass Boston. The prospect view is spectacular, looking across the bay to the Boston skyline.

Japanese architect I.M. Pei designed the library with a gathering room that embraces this view. We were told that the room is used to swear in new citizens of the U.S. under the giant flag hanging from the ceiling.

I've been to the Library a few times before, the most memorable one with a friend one summer day when there weren't too many people there. We watched the introductory film and moved on to the first exhibit, only to be met by a woman who asked if we minded joining another party. We didn't. Turns out it was the Director of the Library and Lady Bird Johnson!!! My friend is a serious democrat from Texas, so she was nearly speechless with delight. I was not a little impressed and amazed myself. As you can imagine, we had a fascinating tour augmented by countless asides from Lady Bird about her thoughts and experiences.

When we finished at the Library, we went to a nearby Panera Bread to use the gift card our superintendent gave us for an early supper. In all, it was a good day.