Friday, May 11, 2007

Bleeding Hearets

I discovered this beautiful bleeding hearts plant tucked away in the corner of our school property. It's near where I've been parking lately and my sister says it's been there for years, but I've never noticed before. I think it's quite lovely.

By coincidence, I'm reading a book called Bleeding Hearts right now by a favorite Texan writer, Susan Wittig Albert. She's written three series that I enjoy reading. One, about a husband/wife amateur sleuth team in Victorian England, she co-wrote with her husband. I discovered it several years ago when I was looking for a book to take to jury selection. Turns out it was about #7 in the series, but I was glad to go back and read from the beginning. Susan and her husband have recently decided not to write any more in this series, which makes me sad, even though I still have two other series to keep up with.

The second series is set in the Texas Hill Country and is about China Bayles who keeps an Herb shop. I am well into this series and enjoy it thoroughly. Bleeding Hearts comes from this series. The other one is a new series, using real-life children's author Beatrix Potter as the main character. I've read three of the four books and look forward to the rest.

Susan keeps a fascinating blog called Lifescapes about writing, the Texas Hill Country (where she lives), herbs, gardening, and knitting among other things. I enjoy reading about her book tours and writing struggles, especially when I can then read the fruits of her labors. She also is a memoir coach and I would like nothing better than go on one of her writing retreats. Perhaps one day I will.

Meanwhile, I'll go on reading and learning. Oh, and writing =)


La Tea Dah said...

Thank you for the referral to the Susan Albert books. I am familiar with her from several herbal gardening Yahoo lists, but haven't read any of them yet.

Your bleeding hearts are beautiful. I enjoyed mine this spring as well, but they are done blooming and I miss them.

Sunny said...

Hey, I couldn't make a comment on the previous post, but, that was an IMPRESSIVE experience you related visiting the JFK library.

InlandEmpireGirl said...

Thanks for the referral. I have never heard of this author. I am also looking forward to checking out her blog. I too love bleeding hearts.