Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Commencing the Commencements

Last night, I attended the first of eight graduation services that I have to attend over a seven-day period. Ordinarily, I would just have six, but my niece and two near-cousins are graduating at our sister school in So. Lancaster, so I will be splitting my loyalties over the weekend and actually attend two commencements on Sunday some three hours apart. We set ours at 1 in the afternoon to make that possible.

But last night, was the first, the kindergarten graduation. What an adorable program the eight PreK/K youngsters put on! singing and saying verses and counting in English and in Spanish and doing other things to show off some of what they've learned this year. Proud parents took pictures and videos of their adorable little ones. And, when all was said and done, five kindergarteners received certificates and applause.

I've been in and out of their classroom numerous times over the school year, many times just to ground myself after a particularly crazy hour in the office. I think I would have a hard time being there all day, though. They would make me laugh too much...and would probably run away with the discipline (they are just too cute for words).


Sunny said...

Oh now, those little kiddies are just too cute! We went to the church school graduation last night too. Actually I just tagged along to help with running the sound booth. Nice program-done in under an hour. 4 grads- 2 from K and 2 from 8. Small school here.

Patty said...

what sweet little ones ! I bet you will be a bit relieved to have school over and have a bit of a break. Any travel plans this year ?

Heidi said...

Did you survive?