Monday, June 11, 2007


So. It's the Monday after graduation. I don't have to be in the office until 10. So why am I wide awake at 5 and out of bed at 6? Could it have anything to do with being so exhausted last night that I went to bed long before my usual bed time and could not sleep longer than my natural 7-hour limit?!

I survived all the graduation services. But barely. Our school system has a tradition of a graduation weekend rather than just one commencement exercise. Having to be at two sets in one weekend was strenuous, but interesting. I am thankful that the two were only 50 miles apart so I actually could get to most of both.

And I was so proud of my niece. Yesterday, she received $14,000 in scholarships, and was chosen out of 45 students as the recipient of the Caring Heart Award recognizing her service and leadership in her school as well as her class (she was the class president). That pleased me more than the academic scholarships, to be honest. Academic scholarships they have to give you if you qualify, but the Caring Heart is a deliberate choice, a calling out, if you will. That makes two nieces two years in a row who have received this award.

The boys did well in their awards assemblies, too. The seventh grader who goes to my school received the Citizenship Award for his grade and the Math Award. The ninth grader received the history and science awards for his grade. Yes, I'm a proud aunt today =)

The weekend was emotionally draining, though. We had one senior who, at the last minute, was unable to graduate as she failed her final exam. That was heart-wrenching. Then all the driving back and forth the two graduations was tiring and stressful.'s over and done with now. All I have left is three post-session meetings, two board meetings, and an in-service. When all that is done, I will be able to catch my breath.

By the way, our history teacher gave the Commencement Address at our school yesterday. He read an amazing picture book to the seniors that I think is a must-read for every teacher. I had never heard it before, but am going to buy it first chance I get. It's called The Dot and is all about the difference a teacher made in a young child's life.


InlandEmpireGirl said...

Wow! What a week-end. It was our graduation also. The seniors were in kindergarten the year I came to the school so we grew up together. I have taught them, watched them grow and admired them. It was a wonderful day. We only had 16 seniors. We are small!

Sunny said...

I've got "the dot" on reserve at the local library. Thanks for the tip.

Rondi said...

Turns out the author is a local Bostonian with a studio in the Museum of Science! He's written several other books, too. Our history teacher heard him read this book at a college commencement address...