Saturday, June 30, 2007

Random Facts

My friend Patty at Morning Ramble tagged me with the request for 7 random facts about myself. I'm supposed to pass this on to 7 others, but at least two people who would be on my list are on hers, but I will at least share the random facts.

1) I dearly want to be able to fly a plane. The closest I've come to that is dating a pilot for a couple of years and flying with him. I also flew across country (MA to CA) in a 6-seater plane with my sister's in-laws. That was an amazing experience!
2) I finished my MA degree at Harvard (although that's not where I started, or where my degree is from)
3) I've spent time in 28 countries on 5 continents. Countries include Russia (twice), China, Egypt, South Africa, Peru, and Norway. One of the countries (East Germany) no longer exists.
4) I play the clarinet and did much of my traveling with an orchestra, playing in many of the world's best concert halls and for several of the world's leaders/royalty.
5) I'm 52, but my students think I'm an "old" 35!!! I wish =) Actually no, I don't. I am glad to be the age I am. If I were "only" 35, I wouldn't have done half the things that make me appreciate life the way I do now...
6) I was nearly hit with an errant sword that Christopher Reeve lost control of during a play I went to see him in. It hit the person next to me, and he got to go back stage and meet Reeve during the intermission. Don't I wish it had been me instead!!!
7) I am related (very distantly) to Emily Dickinson, the famous Kelloggs, and at least 6 presidents. Also, one relative was the midwife at Lincoln's birth! These are all on my mother's side.

Anyone reading this...and who wants to consider themselves tagged...feel free to share 7 random facts =) Thanks for the tag, Patty.

Photos of my Mother's gardens taken today during an afternoon visit.


Sunny said...

Boy Rondi, You've done a lot of living in your first 52 years.

Patty said...

52 is a wonderful age to be...53 is coming up for me though.
Wow, almost hit with a sword, thats pretty amazing.
Good relatives for sure and I know that in a couple hundred years someone related to you will be saying, I am related to the famous Rondi.
Man you have really travelled girl. I am jealous !

Sunny said...

Rondi, why don't you go get your pilot's lisense? You can do it if you really mean to.

InlandEmpireGirl said...

It is always fun to learn more about people.