Sunday, August 12, 2007

Long days journey frequently into night...

It's been an exhausting weekend. I worked until 5 on Friday, putting in a few hours after the basketball camp ended (normally, in the summer, we close up at noon). I had a 15 minute worship talk to give at church, so had to write that when I got home.

Since it was on my mind, I talked about commitment, and about the importance of doing "whatever thy hand findeth to do" and of doing it "with all thy might." I used the basketball camp and coach as examples of how this can work. It seemed to go over well.

Saturday afternoon, my sister and her family and I went up to my parents to meet with them and my other sister and her family for the August birthdays (nephew, mother, and brother-in-law). My parents live about 15 miles inland from Kennebunk and we pass the Sanford Airport on our way to their house. As we were passing the airport, I noticed a big jet parked in front of the presidential hangar (built back when George 41 was president for when he flew in to spend time at the family home on Walker Point in Kennebunk). No one believed me when I said that was Air Force One, but we were able to drive up surprisingly close and sure enough, it was the President's plane! They were in town for a family wedding, and a luncheon with the President of France who is vacationing in NH.

Our own family gathering was leisurely and pleasant. My parents' gardens are lush and beautiful, and the bees, butterflies, and birds were quite friendly. The cake was a lovely vision. Our time together not long enough, as usual.

I went to school when we got back from Maine and spent some time talking with the three other teachers who were working there late on a Saturday night as well. Left there after 11, went to bed after 1, got up at 6 this morning, was a school by 7:30 and didn't leave until after 9 p.m. I met with the staff at 10 and had registration from 1-5, although people started coming at noon and didn't leave until 8:30 p.m. I talked with dozens of parents and even more kids.

Everyone is excited about the coming school year. Even this exhausted principal/ teacher who isn't even remotely ready for school to start, but letting go of the stress knowing that there are still two more weeks that will fly by, but find me ready at the end. I hope!

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Inland Empire Girl said...

It sounds like it is already hectic. I went and spent three hours with my principal today planning a writing inservice and I came home exhausted! I love the pictures of the flowers.