Monday, August 06, 2007

Weekend in New England

(I've written this post three times, now. My internet connection keeps dropping it somehow... I go again...)

My family (parents, sisters, kids, and one of two husbands) and I spent the weekend at one of our favorite gathering places: my gardening sister's cabin on a lake in northwest Maine. We've been going there for well over 20 years, now, although it's evolved quite a bit from when we first went there.

I didn't arrive until it was near sundown on Friday, but we were in the midst of a rain storm, so it was fairly dark, and there was no sunset. Instead, there was an amazing lightening show that saw everything from blinding blocks of light racing along the mountain top across the lake to brilliant jagged streaks somewhere very near to us. Couple that with huge thunder crashes, and you have the makings of a spectacular evening at the cabin.

We started supper, but were soon interrupted by darkness, as the power went out. This happened two or three times throughout the evening, which made it inconvenient for cooking, but spectacular for sitting on the deck and watching the natural fireworks.


La Tea Dah said...

Rondi, thanks for liking B's pictures. He's the eldest --- and avid photographer --- taking New Media Imaging (major) and Film Lit (minor) at WWC (WWU now).

As far as I can determine, Inland Empire Girl and I had classrooms next door to one another --- but several years apart. :(

Inland Empire Girl said...

gorgeous pictures!

Sunny said...

What a wonderful time together. Power outages (AKA an excuse to use candles) can be a real bonding time. And, lightning storms are magnificant-if not too close.

Patty said...

Everyone looks great ! Sounds like a fun weekend, although I would be just fine without the storm. Your folks look the same as the last time I saw them, which would have been a while ago !