Friday, August 31, 2007

One down, 35 to go

The first week is complete. I'm home, feet up, a/c on, bouquet of flowers on the bookcase, safely out of reach of the cats who love tipping vases over =)

I'm happy with the way the week went. Each day was looooooong (I had school board meeting Monday night, church board meeting Tuesday night, book shopping (for classes) Wednesday night, Corn Roast/Open House on Thursday night.), but rewarding in its own way. I had fun with all my classes. One of the senior girls noticed and said "You're so happy." I told her that I love being in the classroom, and I do. I really miss being there full-time.

There's something different about the atmosphere at school this year. It's calmer, more peaceful. Kids and teachers have noticed it. We all had a really good week. Now, there is time to rest and recover. I more than need it!

Photos: The flower pots outside my classroom; the bulletin boards inside. Mine is the one on the left; the American lit teacher's is on the right.


Inland Empire Girl said...

I am glad you had a good first week. It sure sounded busy. I am also glad that things seems peaceful. I hope we get off to a good start at my school also.

Heidi said...

When school was starting, I prayed for you and for the school to have a successful year. I'm glad the first week sailed along.

Rondi said...

IEG--Looks like we both have gotten off to good starts. Yay =)

Heidi--Thanks for your prayers. You know that's how we survive...