Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Three Beautiful Things

I saw this on Patty's blog at Morning Ramble this morning. I already had in my mind to share some beautiful pictures, and seeing her list of Three Beautiful Things gave me the incentive to actually go ahead and take the time to do my own even though I have only a few moments before I need to go off to work. I thought doing it now might give me something good to think about throughout the day.

1) My nieces and nephews are continuous sources of beauty and joy to me. They are 19, 18, 15, and 3 days away from 13. Ages many consider to be troubled or difficult. Not these four. They are good kids. Smart, funny, talented, loving, gentle, athletic, spiritual. And they're my friends on top of all that. We like to hang out, talk, do things together. The girls and I enjoy reading and writing together. We like the same books and movies. Just last night, the oldest and I went to see Becoming Jane about one of our favorite authors, Jane Austen. I sat there thinking how lucky I was that this lovely girl chose to go out with me instead of her friends.

2) My mother's and sister's flower gardens take my breath away whenever I see them. I've shared my mother's in recent posts, but my sister's is equally beautiful. This is the same sister who gives TLC to the flower beds at school. In the past two weeks she has spent a good dozen hours weeding and replenishing the beds, getting them ready for school. What a blessing that has been to me!

3) The sunsets at the family cabin in northwestern Maine continue to be a visual delight to us. Not every sunset is spectacular, but at least once a visit there's one worth remembering.

4) I need to add one more thing: my parents. Their relationship is a beautiful thing. They've been married 55 years this month. I love being with them, seeing and hearing how in-tune they are to each other. They have set a wonderful example for their children and grandchildren of what a truly loving Christian relationship is all about.


Inland Empire Girl said...

I love the last picture. Perfect!

Patty said...

all wonderful beautiful things. Tell your folks happy anniversary for me then the day arrives

Sunny said...

I'd pick your parents too. They are a class act. Together and individually. They were both mentors of mine.