Wednesday, September 26, 2007

1/2 Day, Full Moon

So, it's a full moon, and I decided to do something a little crazy today. I gave the kids the afternoon off because I wanted to do something special for the staff. I treated them to lunch at school after all the kids were gone, then got them on our little bus and took them about 1/2 hour away to a legendary (in this area at least) ice creamery and miniature golf place that has literally been around for more than 40 years (not the mini-golf...that's relatively new).

We got into groups of 4, with people we don't always hang out with, and played 18 holes at one of the prettiest mini-golf courses I know of.

It was hot. Over 90 degrees, a record-breaking heat. But we had such fun. I'm pleased to say I got the top score in my foursome, thanks to the only hole-in-one of the group, but that's not the most important thing. What mattered is that we hung out and had a good time together.
After golf, I gave everyone $5 for the ice cream bar, and we treated ourselves to delicious home-made style ice cream. I got a "small kiddy" size, but let me tell you, it was more than big. And quite tasty =)

I was tired when I got home, though. I'm not used to this kind of a workout in such heat! It was worth it, though...definitely did a lot for bringing the staff together in a positive way...which was, of course, the goal.

Meanwhile, the moon was rising in the sky looking like an enormous pumpkin. The trees here hid it from my view, so I couldn't take a picture in the flesh (so to speak), but they showed it hanging low over Fenway Park where the Red Sox were beating the Oakland A's (yay), so I captured it for you via my TV, which of course doesn't do it justice, but gives you an idea of how beautiful it is tonight.


La Tea Dah said...

Wow, that moon is beautiful! By the time it got to my house it was silver --- but it looks so lovely golden at your place.



La Tea Dah said...

Awww, the moon rose tonight at my house, a magnificent gold!

It was glorious!


Sunny sunny SUNNY said...

That is a lovely moon. And, how clever of you to get it off the TV.
Go Sox

Yolanda said...

That moon is gorgeous. So glad to have foundyour blog.

Heidi said...

You went to Kimball Farms! Yum, Yum, and how fun!

Rondi said...

That's exactly where we went, and yes, it was a delicious treat!

Patty said...

Hey, did you go to Kimballs ????
I ate an entire kimball special last time I was home