Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Song in the Air

It's our Alumni Weekend this weekend. The school's 63rd, my 34th (yes, I'm principal of my alma mater!). Here, we have programs all weekend long. This year was special to me because we brought back our music teacher from 10 years ago and had a reunion choir concert to benefit our current music program.

The choir director has actually been a dear friend of mine for about 25 years. Twice, we've taught at the same school together (two four year stints) and have had the best time working with our kids. Together, we've done tours twice to Russia, to England, Puerto Rico, and all over New England and New York. Many of those kids went on to participate in college choirs and on at least two occasions, Laurie and I were on tours (China and South Africa) where a number of our former students were also involved.

Music has been a huge blessing in our lives and it has been our privilege to share it with hundreds of kids. It was such fun to get some of them together for rehearsal last night, performance in a service this morning, and then the concert this afternoon. We raised nearly $1,000 in an hour's worth of music!

The lyrics to one of the songs we sang are in the previous post. If all goes true to form, that song will be running through my head for days to come, as will the memory of the weekend.


Sunny sunny SUNNY said...

Oh what a nice photo. I actually recognised some of them. And, you, my friend, look the same as in HS.

Inland Empire Girl said...

Wow! What a wonderful week-end. I get to return to my high school for homecoming Friday. My niece is running for homecoming queen. I can't remember the last time I was there for a homecoming game. These celebrations are so special.

Patty said...

Great photo, I recognize a few people too, and I agree with Sunny, you look great !

Evansita said...

I wish I could have been there! I am coming 3 weeks to late. Did you guys make a DVD or something? I would love it :) I am glad that your weekend was awesome. Nydia called me talking all about it. I am so envious that they got to sing with all of you!