Friday, October 12, 2007

Killing me Softly

No reason for that title, really, except that I am in Killington, VT for the weekend (for a wedding of two former students) and the colors are to die for. Literally. I drove up here late this afternoon and could hardly keep my eyes on the road for looking at the spectacular scenery all around me. Obviously I couldn't get any photos while driving, but rest assured tomorrow and Sunday my camera will come out and I'll capture some of what I see to share here.

The journey north is one I've made many times over the past dozen years or so. It's part (most) of the way to three upstate New York destinations that I used to take my junior class to each September for a two-day field trip. It was actually an inter-disciplinary project between American Literature, American History, and 11th grade Bible class (church history) hitting Fort William Henry (for The Last of the Mohicans), Fort Ticonderoga (re-enactment battle), and the William Miller Farm (fore-runner of our church).

Every time I was on one of those trips, I always told myself I'd go back sometime on my own when I could stop in the quaint little villages and shop to my heart's content. I've never done it, in all these years. Once, 3-4 years ago, I went up on a Friday with my two nieces. They had a concert in my favorite town along the way (Woodstock). I thought I'd get to wander the town while they rehearsed, but it was not to be.

So...when I got the invitation to this wedding, I decided that I'd come up early and treat myself to the wandering I've wanted to do for so long. I planned to get away from school at noon, but naturally that didn't happen. I left just after 2, and left my house just after 3, so it was just before dark when I arrived at my destination here in Killington. Oh well. I didn't have to drive in the dark. That's all I' cared about.

Tomorrow, I will bask in the fiery glow of the tree-covered mountains. The wedding is in the late afternoon, outdoors (brrrrr!) on a farm. There will be many old friends there (former students, classmates (high school and college), and co-workers), so it will be a fun gathering. Then Sunday, I'll take my time going home, stopping in all the places I always said I would. Can't wait!

Photos: A local farm stand; a tree in front of our school


Evansita said...

I can not wait to be there next weekend and see the beautiful foliage. It will have been quite a while since I have seen a true New England fall, which is my favorite. Actually it has been about 7 years. Crazy huh?

Sunny sunny SUNNY said...

Hope to see more pics of your weekend.