Thursday, October 18, 2007

Vermont photo ops

Here are more pictures from my drive home on Sunday.

Entrance to Pico Mountain ski area. Years ago when I was in college, we came up here for a ski day. The only thing I clearly remember about the day is that my boyfriend and I rode up with our PE teacher and her husband. Mostly likely it's a great place to ski, but for some reason I don't remember that part! It's awfully pretty now, though...

Gourds and Flowers decorate this window box in Woodstock.

Store front of the oldest independently owned bookstore in Vermont (located in Woodstock).

I loved the pumpkin/squash/gourd stack in front of this house! Don't know what they are skewered on, but how cool is this?!!

This herd of cows, pigs, and skunks is grazing on a hill between Woodstock and Queechee. They belong to the owners of the "Fool on a Hill" gourmet foods shop that also featured baked goods, apples, cider, and fire-roasted corn on the cob! The corn is something I dream about eating. The entrepreneurs have created all kids of toppings...most of which I never ever thought about putting on corn. It's 50 cents an ear, with however many toppings you want to try. I'm not all that adventurous, so usually stick to butter and salt. Oooooh! It's so good!

These carved-from-stump bears wave good bye to visitors at the "Fool on the Hill" shop.

Pottery display in one of the Simon Pierce glassblowing and pottery showrooms in Queechee. I love the sunflowers!

Queechee Church with the river for its backyard. What a lovely view!

Queechee Gorge. The river you see is 1/2 mile below the bridge from which I took this picture. It's much prettier in real life, but this shows you fairly well how stunning a view I had. Hundreds of people come through this spot each weekend. The snack shop nearby keeps a tally of "leaf peeper" buses that come through each day. Already by 11 a.m. they'd served 7 big bus loads of people!

Another picturesque church in Queechee Village


Shawn Brace said...

Ms. Aastrup,

Thanks for your comments on my blog about Dartmouth. Yes, it was a little alarming. The talk itself was all right. A little better than I thought (he seemed to have a "higher view" of scripture and Christianity, as whole, than I would have expected).

Nice to see your pictures of this area! I have some fall pictures that I am going to be posting at some point. I'll certainly let you know!

Yolanda said...

These are gorgeous photos thanks for sharing them.

Heidi said...

Gorgeous. I miss New England falls. It just isn't the same out here in the west.

Inland Empire Girl said...

I love that stack of stuff in the yard also. I wonder how they did do it. Lovely pictures.